Peak Taeki Program

This fun and exciting program is specifically designed for children ages 4-6 yrs old. Classes are geared towards introducing basic martial arts skills through fun activities, games and drills. Children improve their motor skills, flexibility, balance and coordination while developing their focus and building up their self-confidence. Right away, children will learn the value of discipline and respect.

Martial arts program

Peak Taekwondo prides itself on having a systematic martial arts curriculum that details all the skills that each student needs to master in order to advance to the next belt level. This gives each student a clear path to follow on their Journey to Black Belt and beyond…

Beginner Program (White Belt – White Belt with Yellow Stripe)

We believe the first step to great martial arts training is a solid foundation in the principles of Taekwondo.  Students learn basic stances, forms and kicks.  Great emphasis is given to the proper mastery of these basic skills.  Students in this program improve their motor skills, coordination and flexibility. which provides a basis for lifelong love of physical activity. They also learn the values of respect, courtesy and discipline.

Intermediate Program (Yellow Belt – Green Belt with Blue Stripe)

Students of this program continue to learn more skills to add to their basic foundation Students also start to learn self defense and are introduced to the sport aspect of Taekwondo, which is sparring.

As the students advance in their learning, they improve their strength and speed, develop good exercise habits and build up self-esteem. 

Advance Program (Blue Belt – Red Belt with Black Stripe)

Students continue to learn more advanced kicks, self defense, forms, and spar at a higher level. Students of this program are expected to master all their past skills as they get closer to testing for their Black Belt.

Students continue to improve their strength, speed and power, sharpen their reaction time, gain more flexibility and develop better balance and coordination. Students also learn the value of diligence, perseverance and hard work as they strive to reach their goal.

Black Belt Program (1st degree Black Belt and up)

Black Belts continue to learn higher forms of self defense, kicks and learn their Black Belt forms as well as the ancient Taekwondo forms.

Students of this program have demonstrated mastery of the all their lower belt skills and have now embarked on their journey to becoming a true martial artist. Students now strive to have a deeper knowledge and understanding of Taekwondo. 

As students progress in their journey, they gain more authority and sense of responsibility that develops the leader within.  Students learn that they are accountable for their actions and that repeated positive behavior builds character.

OlymPeak Team

OlymPeak Team is an Elite Competition Team that concentrates on the Olympic Sport of Taekwondo.  OlymPeak Team trains together year round and participates in local as well as State and National level tournaments. We provide our athletes with intense conditioning classes, sparring, dual meets with other local schools and workshops/seminar opportunities to further enhance training.  If you are looking for the latest and most current training techniques in the industry of Olympic Taekwondo, then OlymPeak Team is for you

 Adult Class

Our adult class is for our 13 y/o students and those young at heart that wish to learn taekwondo in a non-intimidating environment where they will not feel self conscious. This is a great program for adults who wish to improve their physical fitness, learn self defense or for those looking for a safe and fun athletic social outlet.

Family Classes

The family that kicks together, sticks together! This is a great class for those busy families that wish to spend some quality time together! This is a general class for all ages and all belts levels that gives you all the benefits of a great work out with a family bonding experience like no other!